animation for marcelo's band. it's for a newsletter announcing their show at the end of the month. i like how the design came out. that's an actual video clip from our trip to montauk. we had the beach to ourself. we thought it was going to rain all day. there was a big downpour in the morning while we were having breakfast but the rains stopped and we had our afternoon tea at the beach.

today's sketch

“An experiment is always successful because it gives you information and that information is key to learning to deal with fear. A failed experiment is a success because it is the mark of a successful attempt. If you’re trying something, if you’re working on it, then that’s already a huge success especially if you’ve had a lot of fear that has stopped you in the moment from being in the moment and actually doing the thing that you want to be doing in the moment” - Marie-Noëlle Wurm


Sweater Weather