“An experiment is always successful because it gives you information and that information is key to learning to deal with fear. A failed experiment is a success because it is the mark of a successful attempt. If you’re trying something, if you’re working on it, then that’s already a huge success especially if you’ve had a lot of fear that has stopped you in the moment from being in the moment and actually doing the thing that you want to be doing in the moment” - Marie-Noëlle Wurm


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Darkroom Setup

After a year long of planning, I finally have a working darkroom at home.  I still have to set up curtains to fully light seal the room. I've become mildly paranoid of light since then. There is a small entry way leading to the bathroom in which I've carved out a place to work. It's an ideal spot with direct access to running water. I'm able to set up my chemistry using the simple utility table pictured here which fits my enlarger well. It's cozy enough and comfortable inside to spend hours making prints. 



1. Build a darkroom at home
2. Master the darkroom
3. Study light down to a scientific equation
4. Build film photo site
5. Make photos for art not commerce